What is Student Housing Montreal?

Student Housing Montreal is a cooperative of home owners who has provided accommodations for foreign exchange students since 1999. Their biggest concern is to ensure the students’ comfort while also allowing them to enjoy their independence. The home owners are always available to accommodate students’ needs such as helping them get acquainted with the neighbourhood, responding to unforeseeable incidents that occur in the household, driving them to the airport and to the hospital in case of emergency. Additionally, every owner organizes and invites the students to participate in their celebrations, barbecues, family dinners and Christmas parties. Every member of this cooperative shares the same values and the goal of ensuring that the foreign exchange students’ stay in Montreal is a memorable one.

Who are the Student Housing Montreal home owners?

At first, home owners catered to foreign exchange students who attended HEC for short periods of time, the first of the home owners having started in 1999-200. Over the years, many more joined in the efforts to cater to the needs of students from other universities as well. From the very beginning, their shared goal was to provide quality housing that would match the excellent services offered by HEC. The apartments have been adapted to better suit the needs of students who are participating in exchange programs from five to ten months. Today, the home owners have formed a cooperative in order to pursue their mission of offering homey housing that allows students to fully enjoy their newfound independence.

Where are our apartments are located?

The majority of our apartments are situated in nearby suburbs to the universities and public transportation each having their unique traits and attractions.

Can I share a room or a studio with someone?

No, it is not permitted to share a room or a studio with someone.

Is smoking permitted in the apartments?

No, all the apartments are non-smoking; but it is permitted to smoke outside.

Must we clean the apartment before our departure?

When the contract is terminated, you must leave the apartment in the same condition as it was upon arrival (empty fridge, clean oven, empty bins, wash floor, clean bedroom – clean sheets etc.). If the apartment is not left in the same initial condition (general cleanliness of apartment), a fine of 25$/hour is applied as  a cleaning fee which will be directly deducted from security deposit.How do I pay the rent?

When you reserve a room on the site, you must pay the first months rent and make a security deposit of 300$ via PayPal (the most secure method to pay online). Upon the first week of your arrival, you must pay the last month of your rent. Pour the monthly rent, you can pay online via your Canadien bank, by PayPal, or via international bank transfer (any additional bank fees are at your expense).

Do we have to insure our personal belongings?

In case of damage, disaster (fire/flood) or theft your belonging will not be covered by your property owner, and he/she will not be held accountable for your belongings. We suggest that you contact an insurance provider upon your arrival.

What is included in the cost of rent?

The monthly rent includes the furniture, bedding (sheets, pillows, covers), heating, hot water, electricity, and internet (certain apartments have a download limits). Certain apartments include a cleaning service and towels.

Is a security deposit required to reserve a room?

Yes, a deposit of 300$ is required in order to reserve a room. The deposit will be made via PayPal (with the first months rent). One month after the contract has terminated, the deposit will be returned, providing that there is no damage to the apartment. However, if we notice damages have been caused, we deduct the cost of repairs and/or replacements from the security deposit.

What is the duration of the renting contract?

A renting contract lasts between 5 or 10 months and it is not negotiable.

For a contract of 5 months: 

  • For the Autumn season, the contract begins on 1st of August and ends 31st of December.
  • For the Winter season, the contract begins 1st of January and ends 31st of May

For a contract of 10 months:

The contract begins 1st of August and ends 31st of May the following year

Is it possible to reserve a room online?

Yes, it is possible to reserve a room on line by clicking on the “Reservation” tab. The period of reservation generally begins  in the month of October for the Winter season, at in the month of May for the season of Autumn.

When do the reservations start ?

  • For the Autumn season (August to December), the reservations start in May
  • For the winter season (January to May), the reservations start in October

I really enjoyed living at Dolbeau House. For almost one year it was like a second home for me. The rooms and the apartments as a whole are really homy and cozy. A perfect place to relax and hang out with the roommates after a stressful day or week.

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